What It Takes To Customise Neon Signs

Neon signs are fighting stiff competition from LED lights. However, the craft of customizing neon lights is not slowing down. For many years, neon lights have lit up urban life. In recent years, neon artistry is finding itself in more private places, including sitting rooms and bedrooms. Perhaps, you have been wondering how to make these fancy lights. Today, we are going to unravel the nitty-gritty of making neon lights.

What are the steps involved in making neon lights?

Unlike LED, there is no limit to what you can do with neon. Also, neon brings a certain kind of glow to the bar, business, home, or eatery. The neon lights you see go through a series of forging processes in the hands of the benders (neon makers).


The entire process of making neon signage begins with sketching out the design. Some benders take the step further by refining their sketch in Photoshop. Once satisfied with their design, they print it out on paper.


The benders pass a glass tube through a hot flame. As the hot flame hits the glass, it becomes malleable so that the benders can twist them into words and shapes. This is a very delicate process that needs lots of skills. Professional benders use their bare hands to hold the glass tube at both ends. They say gloves can interfere with their art.


The next step is filling the tubes with neon gas using a glass straw. Once this is done, the bender seals off the tube with electrodes. The job of the electrodes is to charge the particles. Also, the tube's color will depend on the type of gas filling and the tint of the tube.


Benders make words or figures using one long, continuous stick of glass. To make the characters or figure clearer, the bender uses dark paint to blackout the extra tubing between the letters.


The final stage of making neon signs is the assembly. It involves using acrylic welding glue to secure the tube to a sturdy plastic backing. The bender also adds a transformer that powers the electrodes. Every step in the making of neon signage involves precision. The smallest error can render the entire artwork useless.


Depending on the sign of the neon signage, the entire process can take up to eight days. Once finished, the next step is to plug it in and hope it turns out as planned. This is a breathtaking step because things may not work as you planned.

You can purchase your neon lights

Don't have time for DIY? No worries, you can purchase your neon signs. However, they are usually a bit pricey, costing between $200 and $1000. Nevertheless, you will be able to find as much customization as you want.

Where can you use Neon lights?

In the past, neon lights was popular in outdoor settings. However, these lights are finding themselves in interiors like bedrooms, offices, and so on. Now, you can practically use them wherever you want.


Making neon signs yourself is a skill that will likely take many years to perfect. However, they will allow you to customize your neon signs in unimaginable ways. What's more? You can add it to fun activities you perform with family and friends.