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Always dreamt of designing your wall your way? With us, you can design your own neon sign and customize it by selecting the color and size of your choice. If you prefer wordplay more than art, you can also personalize it by choosing the font that best reflects your persona.

Design your own perfect neon sign with our easy to use self-design option. Use your name, your initials, your business vision, or just any other text to create a neon sign for your space. Choose from a variety of fonts, colors, sizes, and other design options. If you need suggestions or recommendations on the design, our team of creative experts can help you with some awe-inspiring designs.

You can be assured of the great quality and timely delivery and yet have the flexibility of a custom designed neon sign to create that perfect setting in your home, office, or any event.

Refer to the general size/style guide below to help with your order.


Unlike low-quality LED pieces you see online today, Sculpt LED neon artworks don't just look great, they remain beautiful for years. That's because we custom-craft them by using only the best quality LED neon piping that's made to last a full decade or longer. This eco-friendly LED neon strip is smartly designed to last at least 10 years. Seated on a clear acrylic backboard this sign connects to a 5-meter clear power cord. A powerful power bank with a plug makes it durable for years.

📦Package Include:

 Finished LED Neon Sign to use
✧ 50,000+ hours lifespan
 Acrylic backing ready to hang
 Suitable plug with switch
✧ Power Cord in 2 meters (6.56ft)
 Installation accessories like screws / chains / hooks (options)
 Dimmer (option)
 One-year warranty 


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