What is the turnaround time for the signs?

Welcome to Sculpt Neon. Currently, all signs are handmade to order and delivered within a time frame of 15 Business Days (Normally before that). If you're needing a sign sooner than this, you can opt for "Express Shipping" at the checkout which is a "Rush Order". Rush orders take 7 to 10 Business Days to be delivered. Thanks for your understanding and patience 🙂

How do I design my own Neon?

You can design your own neon easily on our website by typing in your text & choosing from a range of fonts & colours. You can also choose the size and acrylic backboard shape and prices appear instantly! 


How do I mount my Neon Sign?

All our signs can be wall mounted through the pre drilled holes in the acrylic with the screws provided in the installation kit. We also provide a hanging kit upon the request for a hanging sign 🙂

I have requested a quote, when will I receive it?

Thanks for requesting a quote. You will receive a quote with a mockup within 1 - 2 Business days. Please note, sometimes our emails are filtered to junk/spam folders. Please make sure to look for our email there.

Why Choose Sculpt Neon For Buying Custom-made LED Neon Signs?

Any LED neon sign from Sculpt Neon is handmade to perfection using LED neon tubes that are safe, affordable and environment friendly. Some of the major reasons why you should go with us for custom-made LED neon signs are as follows:

  • We’re the most affordable custom neon sign developer you’ll find this side of the hemisphere.
  • All our items come with a year-long manufacturer warranty which covers all manufacturing defects.
  • Our products are made using durable neon flex technology, which is much stronger and longer-lasting than regular glass neon.
  • All our products are highly energy-efficient, environment-friendly, and have greater longevity than any other comparable product on the market.
  • Our LED signs are made from neon LED tubes that are 100% safe, even for children. We don’t use any breakable glass, and the LED lights don’t heat up and are safe to touch.
  • Sculpt Neon LED lights are extremely easy to install and come with convenient holes for easy hanging and wall mounting.
  • Every product we make is tough and wear-resistant, along with requiring very low maintenance.
  • The lightweight and portable nature of our products make them ideal gifting ideas.
  • Sculpt Neon LED lights come equipped with a remote control that can be used to control the light brightness and flashing speeds.

What Are Sculpt Neon Signs Made Of?

Unlike traditional glass neon, all our neon products are made from advanced LED flex. Since LED flex is made with PVC and acrylic, they are durable and long-lasting. Each light is encased in flexible rubber tubing, and powered by LEDs.

Every LED flex product from sculpt neon is affordable, economical, and safer than traditional glass neon signs. At the same time, they provide a visual dazzle that’s better than glass neon signs.

We have a wide range of products available, with multiple colours and styles to choose from. You can also select from various trendy designs and quotes available in our store. Apart from available designs, you can also opt for personalised, custom signs in any background, and mounting of your choice.

What’s The Cost Of A Sculpt Neon Sign?

Not as high as you think! Every product that we make is highly affordable; plus, we also offer attractive prices on customised signs. In fact, we’re so competitively priced that we guarantee you won’t find better rates than ours at the same quality.

How Can Sculpt Neon Provide Signs At Such Low Prices?

Simply because we don’t mark up our prices as much as other suppliers do! This allows us to provide you with quality products at affordable rates.

Where Are Sculpt Neon Signs Made?

Sculpt Neon signs are designed in Australia, USA and UK. The location you order from and the requirements for your sign determine the manufacturing source.

What Makes Sculpt Neon Signs Safer Than The Rest?

Since all our signs are made from LED flex, there’s zero use of glass in our products. This prevents overheating, and ensures that the products are all energy efficient, and environment friendly. At the same time they are lighter, more durable and highly portable. Also, all our products come with UL certification.

Glass Neon Vs. LED Neon Flex FAQ

What Is The Difference Between Conventional Glass Neon And LED Neon?

We’ve all seen the traditional glass neon signs, and also the modern LED Neon variants. So, which is better, and which ones should you choose for your home or business? In this section, this is exactly what we’re going to tackle to your satisfaction using this infographic.

Sculpt Neon Products And Production FAQs

How Are Sculpt Neon Light Signs Made?

Sculpt Neon light signs are made by hand, and according to your chosen designs. We use LED flex on acrylic backing material such as PVC. There is no use of hazardous substances such as mercury, neon or glass.

What Forms The Backing Material Of The LED Neon Flex Tube?

All neon signs that we make come attached to an acrylic backboard. There are a large variety of backboards that you can choose from, although often it’s the design that determines the kind of backboard that must be used. The backboard can be shaped in any contour that you like. It can also be of any color, clear, metallic or even UV printed.

What Colors Are Available?

Our neon signs are available in a total of 21 colors, of which 8 are white when turned off. The remaining have a coloured covering on them so that the tubing shows the color even when turned off.

Can I Choose The Fonts?

Of course you can! We offer a massive range of over 55 fonts that you can select from. These include script fonts, block fonts and double-lined fonts. We don’t know of any other LED maker that offers such versatility when it comes to selecting fonts. In case we don’t have your required font currently, just let us know and we’ll take care of it.

What If My Sign Isn’t Part of Your Custom Designs?

We offer such a wide range of design variations that it’s almost a certainty that you’ll be able to find what you need from among our available designs. In case you’re looking for something entirely unique, we can work with you on a custom design. Just let us know your ideas and we’ll make it come true.

What Are The Charges For Your Design Service?

When you’re purchasing a sign that’s custom made by us, we offer our design services free of charge. If, however, you choose to cancel the order before it goes into production, you’ll be given a full refund minus a token amount for the design consultancy. Keep in mind that once the design goes into production it can no longer be cancelled.

How Are Your LED Neon Signs Powered?

In general, most of our products plug into a wall socket; however, for smaller signs and lamps we offer battery packs. Our direct-to-power products come with a clear power cord that’s 1-2 metres long, and can plug into an UL certified AC Adapter. Along with the adapter you also get another 1-2 metres of black cable that goes into the wall socket. All customers from Australia receive a standard 12V power plug. Dimmers and remotes can be purchased separately at checkout.

What’s The Mounting Procedure For Your Neon Lights?

When trying to mount our custom neon signs, you’d be surprised by how lightweight they are. All our signs weigh between 3 and 6 kg, and mounting holes are already drilled on the acrylic backboard. This makes the signs portable and easily installable.

In case you want to mount the neon sign on a wall, you’ll need to purchase one of our hanging kits dedicated for that purpose. If you don’t want to purchase a kit, then you can also achieve the same results using fishing wires, ropes and high-quality hooks.

Note: Keep in mind that the above is merely a suggestion. Sculpt Neon is not responsible for mounting and installation of any product.

Is It Possible To Manufacture A LED Neon Light That Doesn’t Need To Be Wall Mounted?

Sure thing! We have multiple display options available such as stand-up signs with an acrylic base, and lamps, lights and sculptures in transparent acrylic boxes.

What Kind Of Backboards Can I Get?

Sculpt Neon signs are mounted on acrylic backboards. Based on the design you’ve selected, we will assign the best type of backboard available. Backboards are usually contoured according to the sign’s shape, or rectangular. Backboards can be transparent, coloured and even UV printed. Do let us know in case you have a preference.

Is A Remote/Dimmer Essential For My Neon Sign?

It’s best that you get a remote and dimmer, as this will allow you to control the light brightness better. Using our dimmer and remote settings you can turn the lights on and off, change the brightness or make it flash, pulse and flicker. Properly adjusted settings will allow you to change the light’s brightness, which can help in taking pictures in front of the sign.

Why Are There Small Marks On My Sign?

We’ve already mentioned that every Sculpt Neon sign is handmade to perfection. This means that at times there are small marks on the sign, such as on the acrylic, or glue marks where the tubing containing the LED flex is attached to the acrylic. Usually these marks can’t be seen, especially not when the light is turned on.

Can The Neon Light I Purchased Be Used Outdoors?

While our standard Neon Lights are made for indoor use, they can be easily used for outdoor events and parties. The only thing you have to take care of is ensuring that they don’t get wet, since our standard signs are not waterproof.

On request, we do create intricate outdoor neon signs. In order to get an outdoor sign, please select the same at checkout and contact us with the specifics. Be advised that outdoor signs will have transparent waterproofing marks which are visible when the light is turned off.

What Are The Types Of Signs That You Can Make?

We are experts at making outdoor and indoor neon signs, business neon signs, and neon signs for home decor, events such as weddings and also for personalized gifting. What’s more, we even offer UV printing services to go with your neon sign.

Can I Get A Sign That’s Partially Neon?

Sure you can! Since we also offer UV printing services, we can provide you with a combination of UV printing and LED neon lights.

Payment/Shipping/Returns/Warranty FAQs

What Are The Terms And Conditions For Payment And Invoicing?

The payment for all products ordered through the Sculpt Neon online store is accepted at the point of sale. You can select to pay via PayPal, credit card, Klarna or Afterpay.

The payment for custom neon signs designed and ordered online by you is also taken at the point of sale. Payment methods are the same as mentioned above.

Finally, for bespoke designs that are specially ordered, full payment must be made before the sign goes into production. After the design has been approved, the invoice is mailed to you. Post-payment (via PayPal or any major credit card), your product goes into production.

What Are Your Shipping Costs?

We have varying shipping charges based on the size of the sign you’re buying. Shipping costs are calculated based on location; shipping costs are calculated at checkout. For delivery, orders take 2-3 weeks.

Shipping Timeframe?

All Sculpt neon signs are handmade, the signs are dispatched within 7 to 10 days; if you’re in a hurry, please email us.

Do You Have A Return Policy In Place?

In case your product is faulty, we are happy to replace it for you; you can even opt for a full refund. We make every effort to resolve the issue as per Consumer Law. For any faulty product, the ultimate resolution is decided upon a case-by-case basis, depending on the fault’s source.

What Is Your Return Procedure?

Should you wish to return any faulty product, please make a short video of your sign along with some still photographs, and send us an email at support@sculptneonsigns.com. Please note that for speedy resolution, we require both photos as well as a video of the product fault area.

When a return is placed, the faulty product must be returned in its original condition, and within two weeks of receiving the same. We shall make every effort to issue a speedy replacement or refund.

Do Your Neon Signs Come With A Warranty?

Our indoor products come with a one-year warranty covering all electrical components, provided you use them appropriately. For outdoor products, the warranty is for a three month period. For faulty signs, we’ll either replace the product or provide a refund.

For further enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you out with anything you need!