The Ultimate Guide To Buying Custom Neon Signs In 2021

It is not easy to carefully select the best custom neon signs in a world where there are numerous options. This is one decision that brings joy and delight that is dependent on quality. Making a fool-proof decision on which signs to purchase requires proper knowledge.

Here are a few tips on what to look for when searching for the best neon signs.  

1. Understand The Purpose

This is the paramount question you must ask when hunting around for neon signs. Defining purpose will guide you in your hunt for the best. Will it be used to lighten up a wedding or birthday party, or do you need it for the interior décor of your living room? The most important attribute of outdoor neon is that it must be waterproof. Rain or any other moisture shouldn’t spoil the party. When it is for indoor display, this should not be a concern.  

You might want to display your neon in your children’s room. What is their favourite colour? Possibly, you own a business that you would like to spruce up such as a boutique, coffee shop, or beauty parlour. What colours would blend well with the existing décor?  

2. Hanging Elements 

It is always important to consider how you will hang your aesthetic neon signs. The outdoor display will require a hanging element. For indoors, you might really not need one, but you might want to go for custom neon signs with a frame stand.

Furthermore, you must consider the source of power for the neon sign. In case it is for outdoor display without a fixed source of power such as electricity, you should think about a rechargeable battery. This will also guide the type of neon you order as they have to peg on the power capacity of the source.  

3. Consider The Size 

Sometimes, it is possible that you may make an impulse purchase. However, you must bear in mind the size of the surface or area on which you want to fix the neon light. This is the number one determinant of what size you will go for. You can always measure the area using a tape measure before heading out to search. With a size in mind, you can always order what can fit the available space. Note that the size will affect the final price of the neon.  

4. Complement Design And Colo  

Neon signs come in different sizes, designs, and colours. You must therefore understand what your interior décor is like and try to find neons that will seamlessly fit and blend with them. Most vendors have numerous samples of designs, different fonts, colours, and even shapes. Choosing which one is favourite for the expected application shouldn’t be a problem. In case you are undecided on what choice to make, you can always discuss this with your vendor, and they can prepare an ideal mockup for you.

Also, note that the designs will also influence the price. Normally curvy fonts are usually more expensive than those with block fonts.  

5. The Sign’s Backing Is Important 

This is an important feature that is likely to be ignored. There are numerous backings for different neon. You can have the colourful PVC, which is recommended for enhancing the colours, or the clear acrylic backing. For the perfect effect, a mirror backing is highly recommended. All these options can be custom-made to your perfect satisfaction. 

6. Do Not Forget Your Budget 

You can have expectations, but the reality is different. You might want the largest custom neon signs on the planet, but your budget might limit your choice. However, most neon experts understand this and will ensure that they walk through available options so that you can choose an option that will not break your bank.  

Final Thoughts 

It is recommended that you share as much information with the neon vendor as possible. Always, make sure that you indicate what your requirements are from the beginning to avoid any misunderstanding.

Ensure that you properly explain your purpose because that will help the neon studio like Sculpt neon signs decide what options will be ideal for this specific application. In case you already have an idea of what design you need, then you can always share, and they will come up with something bespoke and ideal. Think about the size and bear in mind that every choice you make will affect your budget.

Always bear in mind the quality of the outcome will be determined by the choice of the neon studio you entrust this responsibility with. If you are unsure what you really need, feel free to discuss your options with Sculpt neon signs as they can always offer a bespoke solution that meets your needs.